The Legion Fund

What is the Legion Fund?

The Legion Fund is charitable organization dedicated solely to assisting the 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Campbell, KY.

What is 5th Special Forces Group?

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) is an elite U.S. Army unit based at Fort Campbell, KY. These exceptionally trained warriors have been at the forefront of combat operations since they led our nation's response in Afghanistan after the attacks of 9/11. The families of these Green Berets, especially the spouses and children, have also borne a heavy burden during this war against terror. They, too, serve our nation while their soldiers deploy repeatedly into harm's way. These Special Operators often deploy abroad on long-duration missions in remote, high-risk areas. Mission success does not come without risk; they often endure casualties, yet these soldiers ask for nothing in return. A verse from Barry Sadler's "The Ballad of the Green Berets" amplify the difficulty of entering this brotherhood: "One-hundred men they'll test today, only three win the Green Beret." These warriors choose not to talk about what they do. That is why they are called the "Quiet Professionals."

How does the Legion Fund work?

The Legion Fund is a restricted fund under the umbrella of The Community Fund of Middle Tennessee, a well-respected 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations to the Legion Fund are 100% tax-deductible. The Legion fund is the only charitable entity whose sole purpose is to aid Fifth Special Forces Group. The Legion Fund has the full support of the Fifth Group Command.

What happens to the funds I donate?

Community Fund of Middle Tennessee regularly distributes the funds to four quality entities that, in turn, aid seven distinct needs of 5th Special Forces Group on a daily basis. Each recipient organization has its own dedicated, restricted Fifth Special Forces Group Fund. The Legions Fund's expense ratio is 1.2%. The seven lanes that the Legion Fund supports at 5th Group are:

  • Need-Based support to Soldiers and their Families in Times of Hardship
  • Fallen Hero Families (Gold Star)
  • Merit-Based Educational Scholarships
  • Wide Array of Medical & Psychological Therapies and Programs
  • Child Care
  • Team Building for Soldiers and Families
  • Catastrophe (“Helicopter Goes Down”) Fund

Who are these four organizations?

  • Special Forces Association Chapter 38: 5th Group command has these retired 5th Group soldiers on speed-dial for a reason: Daily, they fill the gap financially in areas of critical need for the greater 5th Group community. Example: A Fifth Group soldier is killed in combat. His parents cannot afford the airfare and hotel bills to attend their son's funeral. Chapter 38 covers the costs. An injured soldier returns from Afghanistan to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His visiting parents cannot afford the cost of a Nashville hotel. Chapter 38 helps out. Chapter 38 also helps with: (1) childcare services, (2) critical medical needs; and, (3) catastrophe support.
  • Special Forces Scholarship Fund: This charity recognizes the service of Green Beret families by awarding merit-based post-secondary educational scholarships to the children of current and veteran Special Forces Soldiers. Green Beret soldiers have limited earnings potential; this Fund ensures that their deserving children can attend the best school possible, not the best school their parents can afford.
  • Special Ops Survivors:  This charity looks after the families of 5th Group’s fallen heroes. Support includes emergency support, childcare and others, as needed.
  • Special Ops Xcursions: Provides outdoor adventures for active-duty 5th Group Soldiers and their families.

Why these four beneficiaries?

Army Special Forces operate mean and lean; they do whatever it takes to get the job done without frills or nonsense. That's exactly what these four organizations do. Your donation moves the needle in significant ways. Not a penny is wasted.

How can I learn more about these four organizations?

Visit these four websites:

Online Donations to The Legion Fund

Contributing by check

Make check payable to: The Legion Fund
Mail checks to:
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
3833 Cleghorn Avenue
Nashville, TN 37215

Contributing equities

Contact: Melisa Currey
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
3833 Cleghorn Avenue
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 321-4939 ext.111

Besides writing checks, how else can I support 5th Group?

The 5th Special Forces Group community has many non-financial needs that can be fulfilled by civilians in Nashville. Please consider these possibilities:

Advice & Services

  • Spread the word among friends and family in Middle Tennessee of the extraordinary work that 5th Special Forces Group is doing around the globe today.
  • Assist with providing free tickets to sporting, musical and other events in Nashville for 5th Special Forces Group soldiers and their family.
  • Provide pro bono financial or legal advice to 5th Special Forces Group soldiers and their families.
  • Mentor Green Berets from Fort Campbell as they transition back from a life of combat.
  • Provide discounted copying services.
  • Enlist corporate support for Task Force Dagger's Legion Fund.

Functions & Events

  • Invite 5SFG(A) soldiers and their families to sit in your corporate box at sports, music and cultural events in Nashville.
  • Offer up your lovely home to host a 5th Special Forces Group event.
  • Invite 5th Special Forces Group commanders to speak at events in Nashville. Their insider briefings are quite valuable.
  • Enlist celebrity support for 5th Special Forces Group, and for the Legion Fund, which provides financial assistance to this unit.
  • Invite members of the 5SFG(A) family to your dinner party or to sit with you at the Titans or Preds game. Include these remarkable people in your social circles here in Nashville.
  • Attend the "Gold Star Ceremony" every May at Fifth Group headquarters at Fort Campbell. Fifth Group invites the families of their fallen heroes to attend as Unit members remember their fallen. This is a powerful ceremony that puts into perspective what 5th Group does, and price of our freedom. Explains a veteran 5th Group Green Beret, "If I wanted to know where my money went when I donated to the Legion Fund, all you would have to do is attend a Gold Star and you would know why."


We'd welcome any other ideas you might have. Contact us at any time:

Willy Stern, Chair
The Legion Fund Advisory Board
Work: 615-665-1406
Mobile: 615-243-5085


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Executive Director

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