What We Do

The Legion Fund exists solely to support the 5th Group community.

Mission Statement:

The Legion Fund assists 5th Group Soldiers and their families by supporting seven essential needs.

  1. Emergency Needs
  2. Educational Scholarships
  3. Families of Fallen Heroes (Gold Star)
  4. Medical Therapies
  5. Child Care
  6. Catastrophe Fund
  7. Team Building

These seven lanes, or pillars of support, were chosen and identified as most critical in coordination with 5th Group Command, Unit spouses, veterans, and Gold Star families.

How The Legion Fund Prioritizes
Financial Support to 5th Group

  • “It would be impossible for anyone to spend time with members of the 5th Special Forces Group and not leave with an absolute belief that they represent the very best our country has to offer.”

    A Legion Fund donor

  • “The Legion Fund has been an extraordinary game-changer in our ability to care for the Soldiers and Families of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  For a unit that has been in continuous combat for 19 years, going above and beyond for its members is always the goal.  The Legion Fund continues to be a critical component of caring for those who have committed their lives to caring for us, and in protecting our nation.

    Since its inception, The Legion Fund has always answered the call. Always.”


    Brig Gen(Retired) Scott Brower, former Commanding Officer, 5th SFG(A)

  • “I again find myself unable to articulate the Legion Fund’s impact upon the Members, Families and Missions of 5th Group.

    Simply listing your contributions and instances of your care might please the mathematician in me, but fails to paint the alternative story which could have broken our people — but for the gracious and discerning support at the critical time and space.

    From injuries to cancers, emergency travel to reunions with Gold Star Families, to protecting the benefits of Survivors and even college, The Legion Fund provides the means to meet these needs and more.”

    COL (retired) Rick Prins - Former 5th Group Deputy Commanding Officer

  • "The Legion Fund is the gold standard of charitable donations and has had a direct and life-changing impact on the Soldiers and Families of the Legion, arguably the most deployed force in the history of our Republic. The remarkable citizens who contribute to The Legion Fund should be extremely proud and know they are truly making a difference in ways that are timely, humbling and permanent."

    5th Group Chief Warrant Officer 5 (ret) Jamie Korenoski

Emergency Needs

Critical Needs for Families and Soldiers in a Highly Deployed Green Beret unit.


A young Staff Sergeant has been with 5th Group five years when she suffers a miscarriage that rocked her spiritually and psychologically.

Several months later, the Soldier’s husband abandoned her and their first child leaving a large amount of unknown debt accumulated by her husband.

Months later she contacts the Commander’s Secretary in tears seeking guidance for the financial situation that is beyond her capabilities.

The Secretary and 5th Group Chaplain procure immediate assistance through channels using Legion Fund resources.


A Soldier learns that his brother has less than a week to live but lacks the funds to fly round-trip to Guam on short notice.

The Legion Fund buys the plane ticket.

5th group soldier homecoming legion fund
  • "Your gift of $8,000 helped a young 5th Group couple assist their respective families in the aftermath devastating hurricanes in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico that had laid waste to their parents' homes and lives."

  • "Your gift of $3,500 allowed a 5th Group Green Beret to resettle his elderly parents in the Chicago area after their lives were upended by a devastating earthquake in Central Mexico."

  • "Your gift of $1,600 enabled a young, deployed 5th Group Soldier to get back on his feet after his apartment was destroyed by a tornado while he was deployed downrange."

  • "Your gift of $1,256.01 purchased two generators that eased a critical situation during Hurricane Irma for a Surviving Spouse of a 5th Group Fallen Hero."

the legion fund charity educational scholarship receipients
legion fund giving college scholarship

Educational Scholarships

Merit-Based Higher Education Scholarships to Ensure that Children of 5th Group Soldiers and Veterans can Attend the Best School they get into – Not the Best School that their Parents can Afford on Government Wages.


In the last two years, more than 100 5th Group children were awarded more than $250,000 in Scholarships to schools ranging from Dartmouth College to Auburn to Austin Peay State University.


A 4th daughter couldn’t have gone to college without her grant and her mother was ecstatic she could apply again next year to continue receiving assistance.


A retired Master Sergeant was able to get his daughter through Auburn with the grant, and she is now pursuing an advanced degree in Education.


The daughter of a single parent is able to complete her ABSN at a community college before going to Nursing School.

  • “It has been an honor and privilege to be a previous recipient of this scholarship that has been a blessing to me as well as my family. I was able to take advantage of the many opportunities higher education has to offer, like studying abroad in Europe and attending national and local academic conferences without relying on student loans. I recently graduated from the Honors College at Western Kentucky University with a Degree in Dietetics debt-free!”

    5th Group daughter today studying for a Doctorate in Nutrition at Auburn University (name withheld for security reasons)

Families Of Fallen Heroes (Gold Star)

All Manner of Support for Families whose 5th Group Soldier has made the Ultimate Sacrifice.


A veteran Green Beret is killed in rural Afghanistan. His parents sadly lack the funds to fly to Fort Campbell for the Memorial Service.

The Legion Fund provides funds to transport the entire family.


Surviving Spouses attend a retreat as a group sharing experiences and building bonds as they work through grief counseling and recovery exercises.

The conference helps Gold Star wives cope with the loss of their Soldiers.

The Legion Fund covers the cost of food and transportation.

gold star memorial legion fund
  • “How sad to think that one of our own, whose son gave his all for this nation, found door after door closed to his simple request. This episode showed the reach of the Legion family. The key was a simple letter from an outgoing commander to a Gold Star Father reminding him that the unit never forgets and to ask for help any time. Amazing.”

    Mike Cunningham - Retired Command Sergeant

medical therapy dog for soldier with PTSD

Medical Therapies

Medical, Psychological and Other Forms of Support to Soldiers and Families


A Green Beret who has done 24 combat deployments needs a specific PTSD therapy but the U.S. Army insurance will not cover costs.

His wife also needs help.

The Legion Fund makes sure this Soldier and his entire family receive the help they need to heal together.

  • “I can’t say thank you enough for the passion you have for digging to find the root of the problem. So few are willing to look for the hard answers and too many are willing to stick a Band-Aid over the problem. I am sure there are countless people out there who have benefited from your tireless efforts!”

    Wife of injured 5th Group Soldier (name withheld for security reasons)

Child Care

Free Child care support for Spouses of Deployed Soldiers and for Couples Seeking Alone Time After Deployments.


A 5th Group spouse has five kids and her husband is on a rough 10-month deployment in Syria.

She desperately needs personal and adult time.

The Legion Fund ensures that she gets the support she needs.


A Soldier comes home from a tough Deployment in Lebanon.

The child care fund ensures he and his wife get much-needed time away from their kids to rekindle and renew the marriage.

the legion fund childcare for soldiers
  • “I cannot begin to express our most sincere gratitude for the assistance you provided during our family’s time of need; however, I do apologize that it was brought upon due to my clumsiness. I was floored when [a unit rep] told me that you would assist with the child care needs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

    A 5th Group Wife

  • “I cannot begin to express our most sincere gratitude for the assistance you provided during our family’s time of need; however, I was floored when [a unit rep] told me that you would assist with the child care needs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

    5th Group wife (name withheld for security reasons)

  • "Your gift of $1,750 provided three weeks of childcare for a Fort Campbell-based wife of a deployed 5th Group Soldier whose younger child was in Vanderbilt Hospital for a serious medical procedure."

  • “Your gift of $560 provided emergency childcare for the two children of a Surviving Spouse of a 5th Group Fallen “This funding allowed me to fulfill my work commitments, otherwise I would have had to take these days off without pay.”

    5th Group Gold Star Spouse

legion fund fallen soldier

Catastrophe Fund

The Reserve Fund when tragedy strikes.

Special Forces history indicates that a highly deployed Green Beret unit such as 5th Group will suffer a single calamitous event every 8-10 years.

If and when disaster strikes next, The Legion Fund will be ready.

In military parlance, this is known as the “Helicopter Goes Down Fund.”

  • “I am without the appropriate words to adequately express our appreciation. But I will gladly, yeah even eagerly stand and testify before any governing body to affirm my conviction that the gracious out flowing of support from you [the Legion Fund] has made the difference for us many times. When we have reached the end of our own means to care for our own, you have provided an open hand with that rare sense of urgency. When we have run against walls preventing adequate support for Legionnaires, you have crossed the barrier to carry that effort.”

    5th Group Senior Commander (name withheld for security reasons)

weeklong duck hunting trip for 5th special forces army members

Faces of active duty Soldiers are blurred for security reasons.

Team Building

The Legion Fund hosts events to help boost morale and camaraderie for Soldiers and families alike.


Weekend and week-long duck, deer and other hunts and fishing expeditions throughout the USA.

Father-daughter, husband-wife, Soldier-unit group outings.

Wherever stresses occur, we are there to assist.

  • “It has been humbling to see that people are willing to donate much of their time and resources to take veterans hunting. I have seen firsthand many soldiers get back into hunting because of this program, and it’s something that has really helped release some of the stress from our job.”

    5th Group Soldier (name withheld for security reasons)